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International Social Services Viet Nam Report 2015

Latest report from ISS on child abandonment & relinquishment in Vietnam    

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Benefits of open adoption ensure that no one – children, birth or adoptive parents – usually regrets staying in touch

Harold D. Grotevant Research contradicts key concerns: that contact unsettles adoptees, increases birth mothers’ grief and exacerbates adoptive parents’ fears of losing child. But open adoption requires people to think about adoption in a new way. Rather than “subtracting” children from their birth family and “adding” them to their adoptive family, open adoption means that […]

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Operation Baby lift and the search for identity Radio National March 18 2014

Tuesday 18 March 2014 9:10AM Image: (101cats E+ / Getty Images) In the frantic and chaotic last days of the Vietnam war an estimated 3,000 orphaned babies, the offspring of local women and western soldiers, were taken and flown out of Vietnam. This controversial program was called Operation Baby lift. Many of these babies had […]

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