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Daniel Drennan ElAwar

A personal blog from an adoptee who returned to his birth country, Lebanon We are as splinters, expelled from the body. The corpus surrounds us, englobes us, and drives us out; it then returns to a state of “as if” we had never existed. Should we attempt return, we do not notice that the immune […]

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This website could help you find your birth parents through social media

SBS LIFE – By Shami Sivasubramanian   2 MAR 2016 – 11:48 AM ‘I’m Adopted’ is a website that provides support to adopted children who are looking for their birth parents. It’s common for adopted children to want to find their birth parents. What is less common is for adoptees to use social media to find them. Meet […]

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Watch Out, World, Because here comes a Storm

Wow, wonderful, isn’t it? China is finally allowing families to have two children instead of one! It is great, and yes, I’m happy for all of the future baby girls who won’t be abandoned in cardboard boxes near the railroad tracks. But I’m hurt and angry more than anything else, because life’s not fair. Which […]

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Adoptees from Asia (AFA)

Adoptees from Asia – a group dedicated to Asian adoptees, run by Asian adoptees. AFA is for Asian-born, international adoptees (only) to converse, connect and support one another. AFA fosters communication between adoptees and encourages collaboration between adoptees from different countries. This is a Closed Facebook Group so please contact as required to join. Adoptees […]

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In Who’s Interest are Australia’s Adoption Reforms being Promoted and Acted upon?

Inter-Country Adoptee Voices (ICAV) May 8 2015 The Australian government has a biased and narrow view of intercountry adoption.  Intercountry adoption has become a market fuelled by lobbyists insisting upon their right to parent, especially when biology fails them.  Adoption lobbyists insist there are millions of orphans needing homes and so they ultimately lead the […]

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