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Seeking support, advice and services, exploring pre-reunion and post reunion experiences, understanding motives and expectations.


Su Park, International Social Services (ISS) will be joining us for a discussion on the delicate nature of deciding whether to seek more information, what information to consider when searching, to search or not to and how to get appropriate support throughout. S A T U R D A Y   2 5 t h   M […]

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Print Email Facebook Twitter More Vietnam’s Operation Babylift adoptee uses DNA testing to find close relative

ABC AM – By South-East Asia correspondent Samantha Hawley Updated 21 Sep 2016, 12:24am After landing at Ho Chi Minh City airport, Adelaide woman Chantal Doecke asks herself in a whisper: “Where are you mum?” The 41-year-old is on an emotional journey to find a family she has never met and to connect with a […]

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The illegal adoptions of the Lebanese War

Equal Times, 26 Jan 2017 – by Emmanuel Haddad A fundamental rupture was preventing Christiane from moving forward in life, even though she did not really know why. Until one day, during a somewhat drunken night out, her best friend told her she had been adopted: “Your whole life is demolished within seconds. All your […]

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ADAPTED – Korean- American Adoptees living in Korea

ADAPTED is a podcast that explores the experiences of Korean-American adoptees who repatriate or resettle in Korea. Since the 1950s, an estimated 200,000 children have been adopted internationally from Korea. The experiences of adoptees are as varied and unique as each individual’s circumstance; yet most know their stories from a similar starting point — as international […]

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ISS Australia – Intercountry Adoption Tracing and Reunification Service

ISS Australia is pleased to inform you of our newly funded Intercountry Adoption Tracing and Reunification Service. ISS Australia ICA Tracing Service (1) This free service will provide information, support and counselling to intercountry adoptees and adoptive parents regarding their decision to trace birth family, as well as support and guidance during the tracing and […]

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