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Returning To Ethiopia, Searching For Our First Families And Seeking Justice

Lost Daughters  –  Thursday, February 19, 2015 Annette-Kassaye is a transracial adoptee from Ethiopia living in Montréal, Québec (Canada). She also writes for Gazillion Voices and co-founded Ethiopian Adoptees of the Diaspora with Aselefech Evans. You can follow her on Twitter at AKassaye.  Every week, I’m surprised at the amount of Ethiopian adoptees seeking advice and […]

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Adoption/Adoptees/Birth Families In Toronto (GTA), Ontario, Canada

IF YOU ARE AN ADOPTEE OR A BIRTH FAMILY MEMBER THAT IS LOOKING SPECIFICALLY IN THE TORONTO (GTA) ONTARIO FOR SOMEONE, THEN THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN START. I have decided to create this group to see if I can help others narrow down their search areas as I have noticed too many pages and […]

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Origins Canada – Adoption Conference Toronto 2012

Welcome to Adoption Experience 2012!   TORONTO, CANADA The goal of the Conference is to share experiences, resources and support with those separated by adoption.  Through the Keynote Speakers, Workshops, and Panels many perspectives will be offered which will hopefully lead participants to a greater understanding of their own adoption experience. Natural Mothers will have the opportunity during the Conference to have […]

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