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ACT parents slam lack of adoption support in Canberra

The Canberra Times – Ben Westcott – Jan 3 2015 Canberra parents who have taken a child into their home from overseas say that when they need help or find themselves struggling, they’re on your own. Hughes resident and social worker Elizabeth Williams said when she was looking for a helping hand with her two […]

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Father of sick twins can only donate liver to one

Yahoo7 News January 26, 2015, 6:55 am A family is facing a heart wrenching dilemma after discovering their three-year-old twin girls would require liver transplants, but their father is only able to donate to one of them. Binh and Phuoc have both been diagnosed with Alagille syndrome, a genetic disorder affecting the liver, meaning they both […]

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December 19, 2014 · by 我是收养 · in For Adoptive Parents, Recent Media + Response, Reflections. · At eleven years old, I was physically small, wore the color pink everyday, and had a constant smile on my face. In many ways, I still resembled a child much more than a young pre-teenager. With my large backpack and jingling keychains, my enthusiasm for school and […]

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Searching for your family

Mama Mia – Stephanie McDonaldThursday 1 January 2015  This is how deeply humans can miss people we’ve never met. If searching for your family was a game show, it would be called ‘How much do you really want this?’ It would be a round robin game where endurance and dedication to the cause win out. Along the […]

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Our Adopted Life – 360 Documentaries

How many what if questions does an overseas adopted child ask?  What if I wasn’t raised in a different culture?  What if I’d stayed with my birth family?  What if I’d grown up poor? Steven and Adam were adopted as babies into the Brisson family over 30 years ago from South American orphanages, Steven from […]

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