Adoption Support for Families and Children (ASFC)

Adoption Support for Families and Children (ASFC) is a voluntary, non-profit organisation whose membership is made up of prospective adoptive parents (PAPs), adoptive families both Intercountry and local and adult adoptees.

PO Box 122
Subiaco,  Western Australia  6904
Telephone: (08) 9489 4008
Facsimile: (08) 9489 4062

ASFC aims to:

  • Aid, assist and support prospective and post adoptive families in WA.
  • Provide information regarding adoption with approved countries with whom Australia has agreements.
  • Produce a bimonthly newsletter for members.
  • Promote networking support between our members through a variety of social activities such as playgroups, coffee evenings, picnics, cultural celebrations etc.
  • Provide educational opportunities for members to discuss and learn about adoption and parenting issues.
  • Liaise and lobby with local, national and overseas adoption organizations.
  • Provide child sponsorship programmes in various overseas countries.
  • Provide aid to overseas children’s organisations to help in the relief of poverty.
  • Work for the improvement of W.A. practices and polices regarding Intercountry adoption.

Jessica Walker Hello,

I am having trouble finding a working link to the below mentioned group.

Adoption Support for Families and Children (ASFC)

I am in Western Australia and this is the only support association I have found so far, would you know of any others or a different link to their site?


Wanda hart Would like to know If there’s a support group for adoptees ?

Yvonne Olsen Is there info available in Perth of archived adoption records? In searching our family we lost track of two boys whom we have birth certificates for in 1914 and 1921. As their parents obtained a divorce in 1924, and their father who did have custody of them, left Australia, we wondered whether they were adopted.

Any help we can get would be so appreciated. Thank you

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