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Your child is missing. Would you want their adoption to be easier?

By Patricia FronekPosted earlier today at 9:40am Support for inter-country adoption appears to have taken on a religious fervour. But in a world where families are targeted by recruiters and children are bought and stolen, reunification and in-country options must be considered first. Patricia Fronek writes. Imagine for one moment your child went missing. Surely you would […]

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In Who’s Interest are Australia’s Adoption Reforms being Promoted and Acted upon?

Inter-Country Adoptee Voices (ICAV) May 8 2015 The Australian government has a biased and narrow view of intercountry adoption.  Intercountry adoption has become a market fuelled by lobbyists insisting upon their right to parent, especially when biology fails them.  Adoption lobbyists insist there are millions of orphans needing homes and so they ultimately lead the […]

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Woman Rescued From Vietnam Reunites With Her Father

ABC America May 2015 Finally tonight, a return to Vietnam. A woman rescued from the wartorn nation decades ago when she was just a baby, reunited with the father determined to find her. Her journey, and the surprises she found out about herself. Here’s Mara schiavocampo. Reporter: As military personnel pulled out of saigon in […]

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