The Netherlands: political parties want to stop adoption from Bulgaria

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18 Oktober 2015


(translated from Dutch)

“Control is insufficient and rules are not always followed”

The PvdA, SP, D66 and Christian Union consider that the adoption of children from Bulgaria must stop until further research is done. The Parties shall notify this following the broadcast of Brandpunt Reporter of tonight, in which different stakeholders tell that the adoption procedures in Bulgaria are not always properly followed. Since 2010 more than 80 Bulgarian children came to the Netherlands.

Nobody involved in adoptions in Bulgaria, says to be able to check whether adoptions are governed by the rules. According to those involved, children go abroad while they have family in Bulgaria who wants to take care of them. This is not allowed by the Bulgarian and international adoption laws.

Bulgarian social workers, counselors and a human rights lawyer tell Brandpunt Reporter that children can quickly be taken away from their parents, often because of poverty. Then, the children end up in an orphanage. If parents do not start a procedure, the children are automatically available for adoption. But many parents do not realize this and they are also not told, according to the report.

The Bulgarian Council for Child Protection affirms that the procedures are not always followed. The Bulgarian Ministry of Justice, which must approve all adoptions, said in the broadcast can not completely control these procedures. Also in the Bulgarian politics sounds the call for a stop. “These children should stay in Bulgaria. Now there is something done which really should not, “said MP Sultanka Petrova.

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A longitudinal investigation of children internationally adopted at school age

Emily J. Heldera, Elizabeth Muldera & Marjorie Linder Gunnoea*

pages 39-64

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